community Groups

Jesus gave his followers a perfect example of how we are to live. He carefully balanced his life between a relationship with the Father, a relationship with his disciples, and a mission to the multitudes. This wasn't compartmentalized, but a rhythm we see Christ expressing in the gospels. 

In Luke 4:12-19, we see Jesus spending time in communion with God the Father. Later, he comes down from the mountain and chooses his twelve disciples. He then moves out to minister to the crowds, to teach, heal, and deliver.

Our Community Groups are mid-sized groups of 8-12 people who gather regularly for worship, prayer, and Bible study. We also meet to simply share a meal and lots of laughs. Each group also is finding ways to live missionally in our community. 

If you're interested in joining a group contact the church office at 718-980-2019 or email us at

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